Ughhh! Why this bra so tight?

Am I wearing correct size bra



“Bra”; If asked to ladies they’ll say bra is the synonym of irritation, itching, tight and a bunch of other words in line popping around in mind. Isn’t it true ladies? Well there is no denial of the fact that how much uncomfortable a bra could get and on the top of it if it is a wrong sized bra then it is like rubbing salt into the wound.

Do the bra you prefer, is of perfect size for you? let me rephrase it. Ladies, do you know your cup size? Giving you my instance I till date do not know my bust size( do not judge me please, my mother knows it and I always go with her for UGs shopping) so I cannot of much use to you in finding your size but yes I can tell you about the signs that indicate that you are wearing a wrong bra. Let us scrutinize on them.

Signs of Wearing Wrong Bra


  • Bra strap digging

Why do we wear bra? To keep our breasts intact. Right? But at times we end up buying small bras and this happens. We get strap marks and red skin below the bra cause they are enormously tight.
  • Sagging boobs

If you wear wrong bra (and it is larger than your cup size) then definitely your breasts will keep on bouncing with every step you put forward. This will be quite embarrassing as this will not only be a sign but will also catch dozens of creepy eyes.
  • Pains everywhere

This is not welcoming at all. Who would expect that one wrong bra choice will invite several pains. Your tight bra will give you back pain, neck pain, head ache and of course pains in the breasts. So lads please looks cannot shroud your health and ruin your day.
Bra Size Calculator
  • Sweat & Suffocation

After reaching so far there is no need to elucidate the fact that wrong sized bras are extremely uncomfortable. They do not let proper amount of air to pass through causing suffocation followed by short breathe and sweat.
  • Adjust them

Again creating an awkward moment for you. Imagine you are sitting in an important meeting and suddenly the strap of your bra starts to fall. What would you do? Obviously your answer will be run to washroom but even that is awkward too.
  • Breasts bulging

If you think that boobs bulging out of your breasts give you a sexy look then allow me to clarify it. Push up bra is meant for this purpose and you may opt for them but tight bras will only end up giving unwanted attention.
  • Too comfortable

You may consider me insane nut let me put my point. Although comfort is priority; but not too much. If you feel comfortable enough in your bra when it is on its tightest hook or on its last one then my dear this is again wrong choice cause it will not give proper support to your breasts.


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