Budget - Menstrual Cups vs Sanitary Pad

Budget - Menstrual Cups vs Sanitary Pad

"Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a Great ship"

Money plays a crucial role in deciding which product should we buy. So let's discuss the expense of using an ordinary sanitary napkin v/s using a menstrual cup throughout our menses. 

Firstly, let's talk about the cost of a sanitary pad. On average, it costs 8 INR.        A woman uses at least four pads a day. This evaluates to 8*4=32Rs per day. Generally, periods last for four days a month. So, 32*4=128Rs per month.

If we consider this for a year, the amount will be 128*12=1536Rs per year. The periods start roughly at the age of 15 and last up to 50 plus years. So, a female menstruates estimating for thirty-five years. The total expenditure of a woman on buying sanitary napkins comes out to be 1536*=53760 INR.

Approximately 54000 Rs! 

Now, let's discuss the cost of a menstrual cup. Its pricing varies from 200 INR to 800 INR. A cup once purchased lasts for ten years, but let's assume that it lasted for five years only. Hence, for thirty-five years, seven cups are needed.

Total expenditure for the entire menstruation period will be 500*7=3500 Rs.

Oh my God! 27000 v/s 3500! 3500 bucks are absolutely nothing when compared with 27k. Next time you go menstrual kit shopping, pick a menstrual cup. Adding cherry to the cake, menstrual cups are environment-friendly. It's high time that we shift to a greener and safer tomorrow.

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