If you never try, you'll never know.

If you never try, you'll never know.

We miss out on a lot of incredible things just because we hesitate to try them. The world of intimate fashion is evolving. The #underfashion is finally a thing. The intimate wear manufacturers are developing their creativity to shape you more aesthetically. But what's the use if you're not up with exploring? 

Here, we'll explore the "panties" section of underwear. As a kid, each one of us starts with briefs. Yeah! The pink, the blue, the orange and many more bright coloured briefs. As a teenager, most of us switch to bikini panties. It's discomforting at the start. But then we enjoy it. So have you heard of any other type other than these?

The briefs and the bikinis are just the starters. A lot awaits beyond this. Life is too short to wear boring undies.


Following are the various types of underpants available with their cheekiness or coverage as you call it.

  1. Thongs: They count for minimal coverage. They have a T-shaped string at the back to avoid visible panty lines. These can be worn with tight-fitting clothes such as leggings, bodycon dresses, etc.
  2. Hipster: As the name suggests, hipsters are hip huggers. They cover three-fourths of your hips. They have low cut leg holes. They are a good match with jeans or trousers.
  3. Bikinis: These are the multipurpose solver and the most widely used variety. They have high leg cut holes and are similar to the briefs with a little less coverage.
  4. Boyshort: They are as good as men's briefs. These have low cut legs. They might go up to thighs providing full coverage. One can pair these with medium to high rise pants. Or you can use them as shorts under your mini dresses.
  5. Tangas: Tanga underwear has a coverage that is more than a thong but narrower than a bikini and provides moderate to minimal coverage. If you're looking for anything in between a bikini and a thong, these are a good alternative. These can be paired up with bodycon dresses.
  6. G-String: G-string underwear provides the least amount of coverage, if any at all, and just covers your vaginal area (barely). It makes the same T-shape as a thong, but with a much thinner string in the rear. G-strings are typically constructed of more delicate materials, such as lace and satin. Well, these are the sexiest. 

So, many choices await in the basket. It’s time to explore what fits you the best. Remember “Pretty Lingerie makes it all Better!”

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