Padded or Non-Padded?

Padded or Non-Padded?

"Padded or Non-Padded?"

The Padded bras are often taken in the wrong way. Most women think padded bras are used for adding in a little volume or flaunting cleavage. Well YES, it is one of the features. But not the only feature. The ordinary cloth bras are just a cloth wrapping around the breast. They fail to offer proper support. Gravity does its job, resulting in a bell-shaped, hanging breast. Non-padded bras stick to the skin. In summers, it can be embarrassing as the complete lining is evident due to sweating. It doesn't hug your curves. 

On the other hand, padded bras provide the correct posture. They help us boost confidence. The pads are designed to help the breast adjust to an apt shape. These pads come in different shapes and sizes to fit you best. They can be a savior on summer days preventing the sticking of bras to the breast. You will not have to think twice before adding any body-hugging dresses to your wardrobe. 

I'll share a recent experience. There was this girl in my college who loved wearing tight cropped tops. But she paired those with non-padded bras and it resulted in a tragedy. In a class of 50, when she entered her titties were peeping. A 100 eyes were staring at her, each giving an awkward look. Padded bras can save these embarrassing pages from happening. 

So, choose the wiser one, not the baggier one.

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