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For some, it’s about the journey, and for others, it’s about the destination. But when it comes to sex, we believe in making every moment count. Indulge in all-new levels of arousal with foreplay and let the tension build-up. Trust us and play more.

Get ready to spice up your sex life with a K2 assorted range of lubricated condoms. K2 Condoms are the new age condoms designed for pleasure coupled with MORE pleasure. In keeping with the mission to amplify pleasure during sex, K2 is introducing in India for the first time ever, Super Dotted Condoms with 50% Bigger Dots! K2 Super Dots are raised higher by 50% and provide extra stimulation to the ladies, exciting them in unmentionable ways!

A strong grip strategically placed bumps and dots bigger than ever before making k2 SuperDotted condoms an absolute power tool in bed! The rugged surface adds friction and engages various spots between the partners. K2 Super Dotted condoms are available in four delightful flavors: orange, butterscotch, strawberry, and chocolate, making the lovemaking even more delicious. Move over Dotted condoms, the latest and hottest in condom engineering is out and with a moan!