Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads – Regular (Pack of 10)


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Pee Safe’s new addition to a well-rounded range of feminine hygiene products are the 100% organic cotton, biodegradable sanitary pads. These are made entirely of natural ingredients. The organic cotton is grown through a natural process without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers.
Every girl spends an average of 40,320 hours wearing sanitary pads in a lifetime. A regular sanitary pad remains in constant touch with your intimate area during this time. It’s time to make the switch! You deserve organic.

Key Features:

1. It’s make includes 100 percent organic cotton top sheet along with FSC certified bamboo fiber for extra leakage protection
2. Regular sanitary Pad (260mm) – specially crafted for your heavy flows and for our planet
3. This is a biodegradable product and is individually wrapped in disposable bags
4. Pads are chemical free, anti-bacterial ensuring no rashes down there




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