PeeBuddy – Flushable Toilet Seat Covers for Unhygienic Toilets


  • Disposable and Flushable
  • Paper Based and Biodegradable
  • Convenient and Eco-Friendly
  • Easy to Carry and Light Weight
  • Helps You Avoid Infections
  • 20
  • 40
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PeeBuddy Flushable and Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Using public toilets can be really messy at times. Use the Flushable Toilet Seat Covers to Avoid Direct Contact with Unhygienic Toilet Seats.
Whenever you encounter a dirty toilet seat next time, all you’ll have to do is put the cover over the toilet seat, use it, and then flush the cover or dispose of.

It comes with the following features:

Paper Based | The quality of material used for these covers is Biodegradable

Disposable | It is a Flushable Toilet Seat Cover. Thus, you can easily dispose of the cover by flushing it.

Convenient | It is convenient since it is easily disposable

Eco-Friendly | It is an environmentally friendly product and is lightweight

Also, it is Easy to Carry

These are ideal for Public Toilets, Airport/Flight Toilets, Hospitals & Medical Needs, Highways & Outdoor, Railways & Metro.

Since they are lightweight and easy to carry, you can easily keep them in your handbag and be assured of avoiding direct contact with the seat and not catching any infection because of an unclean toilet seat. It is especially helpful when you are travelling outside.

The next time you travel, keep a PeeBuddy Toilet Seat Cover to avoid not just the unhygienic toilet seats but also infections and stay healthy.


20, 40


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