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Triumph Eleganza Strapless Lace Bra

Triumph Eleganza Strapless Lace Bra

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– Comfortable Fit: Blue Half-Coverage Strapless Lace Bra measures 52% polyamide, 37% polyester, 11% elastane and is suitable for women of all ages. Machine-wash Do to ensure the highest quality and durability. Color variations available.
– Versatile Design: Includes underwired and padded cups for endless styling possibilities. Perfect for everyday wear and encourages confidence, suitable for women of all ages.
– Elegant Lace Design: Blue Half-Coverage Strapless Lace Bra features intricate lace detailing for a feminine touch. Ideal for special occasions and everyday wear, offering style and comfort.
– Premium Materials: Made with polyamide, polyester, and elastane, providing a soft and comfortable feel. Suitable for all-day wear, perfect for daily activities and offers support to women of all sizes.
– Easy to Maintain: Blue Half-Coverage Strapless Lace Bra is machine washable and designed for convenience.

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